The Blame Game

Anyone who seeks to recover compensation will have to show that someone else was to blame for the accident in which they were involved, and that the injuries which they sustained can be attributed (in part or whole) to the accident. If you can find no one to blame for the accident and the injuries which you sustained, then the question of compensation will not arise. In addition to allocating blame, a Claimant will also need to ensure that the person against whom they are claiming is insured, or alternatively, they are wealthy enough to meet the claim.

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Anyone who hopes to recover compensation will find that they have nothing short of a battle on their hands. We have an experienced team of specialist Personal Injury Solicitors who can help you meet the challenge of making a claim for damages. We will help and support you during the claim process and give you a realistic appraisal of the level of damages which a Claimant can expect to recover.



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